Sponsoring the Woodmore Youth Organization (WYO)

We sponsored the Woodmore Youth Organization (WYO).

We’ve done something new at Maumee Center for Eyecare this year! We sponsored the Woodmore Youth Organization (WYO). Our banner is hanging up at the Woodville Baseball Fields. Look who we found… a current patient who is doing vision therapy(shared with parents permission of course) His kindergarten teacher noticed that something was off a little bit when it came to his ability to learn site words, sound out words, and track! He will be able to work on these things while doing vision therapy during the summer months and get him on track for the next school year!

Does your child have some problems when it comes to keeping their place while reading, decreased visual attention span, issues with spelling, or having a hard time sounds out words? Sometimes our eyes don’t work together as a team which can cause vision related learning disorders. Call us today for more information on vision therapy! 419.891.1023 extension 5